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MES Conduct Policy

Dear Parents,

Kindly read the following updates/changes regarding MES Discipline Policy.

1. Mobile Phones

  • National/British high school students who arrive at / leave school at different times may only use their mobile phone only at the gate area in case they need to call their parents, a cab or driver.
  • Students may only use their mobile phones after 2:30 pm.
  • Students are not allowed to use their phones to watch videos on the bus.

2. Toys:

  • Kindergarten and primary students (in all divisions) may not bring their toys to school except for “Show and Tell” in coordination with their teacher.
  • Students may not bring their footballs to school. PE teachers will provide students with what they need according to available time and space in the playground; otherwise the ball will be confiscated.

3. Bus Students:

  • Bus matrons are not allowed to pass information from parents to the student’s teachers or administrators. Any information should be sent via email or by calling the office.

4. Gate Students:

  • At the end of the day, students should be picked up no later than 2:45 pm (KG students at 1:45 pm). There will be no supervision after those times; students will be left at the gate with the security personnel.

5. Changes in method of going home:

·         If a student will not be going home by bus on a particular day an email must be sent to the administration no later than 12 pm. You will receive a response confirming that the email was received. If you do not receive a confirmation email, please contact the school via phone before 2 pm. Students must not inform the matron that they will not be going home with them. (see no. 3 above)

6. School Uniform:

  • Girls’ school skorts (skirt-short) are only available for KG1 – primary 1 (in all divisions).
  • School shorts are available for girls till primary 6 only (in all divisions).
  • Tight (slim/skinny fit) trousers are prohibited for boys and girls in all grades.
  • Students may wear plain dark blue trousers or jackets with no logos or brand names.
  • Eccentric haircuts/colors for boys and girls, and long hair for boys are prohibited.

7. Administration:

  • Meeting school administrators is by previously set appointments only. Appointments should be requested via email or phone.
  • Parents can drop off any items that students forget at home to the front office till 9:00 am.  No forgotten items will be accepted after that time. 

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