MES Staff Contacts & Pages

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Heather Woodward x. 111

Administrative Assistant

Holly Hawkins x. 110


Andrea Ackerly x. 122

Special Education

Linda Haver x. 119

Heidi Dunlop x. 139

Reading Specialist

Diana Hayward x. 138

Speech & Language Pathologist

Jamie Buck x. 121

Occupational Therapy

Paula Lessard x. 120


Gretchen Arnold

Lisa Curran

Kim Coleman

Meg Wiesner

Brooks Sargent

Lori Trussell

Trisha Silvia

Food Service Manager

Janet Cox x. 140

Food Service x. 145

Janet Cox

Vicki McVitty

Jen Westover

Maintenance & Custodial

Ken Eckhardt x. 143

Shawn Heney

Andrea Lombardi

Madison Recreation

Mike Lane x. 136

Transportation Coordinator- Tim Eldridge


Teaching Staff

5/6 Grade

Becky Grinavic x. 127

5/6 Grade

Louisa Bryant x. 129

5/6 Grade

Emily Taylor x. 125

3/4 Grade

Kate Stanley x. 130

3/4 Grade

Mary Doherty x.131

1/2 Grade

Tracey Holmes x. 132

1/2 Grade

Katie Guilmett x. 133

1/2 Grade

Kim Bryant x. 135


Buffie Violette x.123

Jordan Murphy x. 137

Integrated Arts


Tammy Flanigan x. 115

Physical Education

Kathy Jo Shackford x. 144


Kim Stephan x. 134


Linda Walker x. 140