About Us

We are a small K-6 school located in Madison, NH among a great boulder, beautiful lakes, and King Pine Ski Resort.  

Our school has been recognized by the Commissioner of Education as part of her Circle of Excellence award.  
    Why did we earn that?  
        What is happening at Madison Elementary School that makes it special?  

Here are just a few focuses our school has that makes us unique:
  • Response to Intervention for all students K-6 in math and reading
  • Digital Learning Initiative: placing a digital device in each students hands that provides them access to technology.
  • Inclusion: We are an inclusive school that believes all children learn best in their classroom with their peers. 
  • SWIFT:  We are a SWIFT (School-Wide Integrated Framework for Transformation) development site that works to seek transformation and improvement in each of the five domains.  Overall, we believe in the motto that All Means All.  As we provide for the educational needs of all students.  www.swiftschools.org 
  • Remote Instruction School Days:  We provide students with opportunity to continue their learning even when school may be closed.  This consistency provides for less instructional loss and an effective use of student and staff time.
  • UDL:  Our school has been selected as a Universal Design for Learning site.  Several of our staff will spend the 2015-16 school year being trained on how to implement strategies into their instruction that allow for all students to access the curriculum content through multiple means.  Click here to learn more about UDL.
  • Multi-age: The 2016-17 school year broadens our journey to transforming into a multi-age school.  We began with two Grades 1/2 classes in 2015-16.  Beginning in 2016-17 we transition to having a classroom configuration of: Kindergarten, Grades 1/2, Grades 3/4, and Grade 5/6.  For more information about our transition to multi-age, please click here.