Welcome you to the 7th & 8th grade math 
website for the Merton Intermediate page. 
                                Ms. Frei                                                    Mrs. Scardino                                           Mrs. Kubisch

Required Materials: 
All students are expected to have the following materials every day in Math class.
  • Math Textbook
  • Notebook
  • Charged chromebook or personal device with access to Google classroom and TenMarks
  • Pencil and Pen
            • Calculator 
            • Headphones/ear buds

Homework / Grading Policies:
  • If a student is absent, it is his or her responsibility to check Skyward to see what happened in class and what was assigned. Teachers will direct students and families to these resources when asked what was missed.
  • Late/Absent work will be recorded in Skyward as missing  until the teacher is notified that the student has submitted his or her work.
Algebra A Curriculum
  • Chapter 0: Preparing for Algebra
  • Chapter 1: Expressions and Functions
  • Chapter 2: Linear Equations
  • Geometry Unit
  • Chapter 3: Linear and Nonlinear Functions
  • Chapter 4: Equations of Linear Equations
  • Chapter 5: Linear Inequalities
Algebra B Curriculum
  • Chapter 5: Linear Inequalities
  • Chapter 6: Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities
  • Chapter 7: Exponents and Exponential Functions
  • Geometry Unit
  • Chapter 8: Polynomials
  • Chapter 9: Quadratic Functions and Equations
  • Chapter 10: Statistics