Welcome to my class!

I believe that every student who enters my classroom can succeed. As a teacher, it is my priviledge to help students reach their full potential and gain the knowledge and skills that they will require in their daily lives as citizens in our community. The 7th grade students and I will explore the early history of the United States through westward expansion.  The 8th graders will continue the history of the United States and the workings of our government. 

Ms Kohnert and I are co-advisors for the Merton Student Senate.  All Students in grades 5-8 are eligible and encouraged to participate in this leadership and service organization. I also work with Ms. Kohnert and Mr. Werni on the school play. This is also availabe to all students in 5th-8th grade.
Daily Schedule

 HOUR and/or TIME
Hour 1  8th Grade Social Studies
Hour 2 8th Grade Social Studies
Hour 3 8th Grade Social Studies
Hour 4 8th Grade Social Studies
11:44 - 12:19 Student and Teacher Lunch
Hour 5 Teacher Preparation
Hour 6 7th Grade Social Studies
Hour 7 7th Grade Social Studies
Hour 8  7th Grade Social Studies
Hour 9 7th Grade Social Studies