5th Grade Math and Science
Welcome to my class!

When I think about my class the first thing I focus on is my students.   My goal is to center all my lessons around their needs.  My classroom environment is one that students feel safe and have an atmosphere that encourages participation and involvement.  I want students to engage in the material at hand, and to leave each class with some concrete understanding of the lesson taught.  I feel that I develop strong relationships within the classroom in order to foster an environment in which students feel comfortable exchanging ideas and involved in their own learning.   I expect all students to be respectful, come to class each day prepared, and wanting to learn.   
Daily Schedule

 8:45-8:55         Homeroom
A : PE   B: Art C: PE D: Music
 9:45-10:30      Social Studies
 10:35-12:18     Math
 12:18-12:53 Lunch/Recess
 12:56-2:38 Math
   2:42-3:12Band / Choir / Study Hall
 Social Studies
 4:00          Dismissal