Welcome to Health & Physical Education!

I am excited about the 2015-2016 school year! It sure will be a great one! This year I will get a chance to work with 200 + students every day of their school week on the topics of physical education and health.  This means a lot to me because I know students that lead a healthy active lifestyle will be very smart students and eager to learn!  Look below to see what's happening in the different quarters of the school year.

Physical Education classes meet daily in quarters 1 & 4
Physical Education classes meet on A & C days in quarters 2 & 3
Health Education classes meet on B & D days in quarters 2 & 3

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Daily Schedule

 1st Hour8:40-9:32
 2nd Hour9:35-10:16
 3rd Hour10:19-11:00
 4th Hour11:03-11:44
 6th Hour1:06-1:47
 7th Hour1:50-2:31
 8th Hour2:34-3:15
 9th Hour3:18-4:00
Finish off the School Day - Come and see me in the gym