Celebrate DeSTEMber

Merton Community School District embraces the opportunity to Celebrate DeSTEMber and expose our students to opportunities in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics that enhance and exceed what we already offer in our curriculum. There are various events planned throughout the month to engage our youngest 4 year-old kindergartners all the way through our eighth graders. Here is our plan for the Celebrate DeSTEMber 2016. 

 December 1     Primary Students   Merton primary School welcomes the STEAM Museum to our campus for a 1 day, hands on, museum quality exhibition. Students will have 40 minutes to explore the interactive displays and STEM opportunities. Want to learn more about the STEAM Museum? Use this link to access their website, view the video, and get an idea of the amazing opportunity being brought to our student.

 December 5-9 All Students  
 Hour of Code is an international celebration and exploration of coding for kids. Merton is proud to once again participate in this opportunity as a chance to explore coding languages and become interested in a new skill that will soon become a basic necessity in our world. Each grade level will take part in an unplugged (computer independent) activity that will introduce them to code writing, pattern finding, algorithmic thinking, etc. Our lower grade levels will follow up with a second day of unplugged code work to get thinking more about the steps to making a computer work, while our upper grades will transfer their knowledge from the unplugged activities to the computer as they interact with various online coding activities. 

Want to learn more about what activities we have chosen for Hour of Code? 

 December 14
 Intermediate Students     Merton Intermediate School is excited to welcome 22 career speakers for a morning of career talks with our 5th - 8th grade students. Each student will have an opportunity to select 4 speakers to hear from on topics ranging from computing coding, to forestry, to finance, and digital photography. We acknowledge that not all of our students will be engineers and coders, so it is important to expose them to a wide variety of career fields that will utilize their STEM strengths. We are fortunate to have volunteers who are willing to share their time and talent with our students. 

 December 14
 Merton Primary students will hear from 2 career speakers each during the afternoon sessions. Speakers have been chosen based on their ability to speak to young students in a way that makes sense and gets them excited about new careers. Primary speakers include a deputy, meteorologist, computer coders, and software engineers.

 December 14
 Intermediate Students Merton Intermediate School students will select 2 STEM challenges to participate in during their afternoon sessions. All winter themed challenges will engage our students in the engineering design process and inspire creativity, collaboration, communication, and Critical thinking. Want to know more about our STEM Challenges?
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