"All children deserve the opportunity to learn something new each day." 
-NAGC on rationale for gifted education

The Merton Community School District aligns with gifted education best practice by offering the following programming options for students with gifted and talented needs in a typical year. However, the actual program options will depend on our local data and based on the students who are currently attending Merton and their needs.

Rigorous Universal Curriculum
  • Columbia University Teachers College Units of Study for Reading and Writing Workshop
  • Mathematics - enVisions in grades K-6 with unit pretests and enrichment as needed
  • Glencoe Algebra for all 7th and 8th grade students
  • FOSS Science Units aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards
  • Project Lead the Way engineering curriculum and or modules for all  students
  • 3D Printing and Engineering Units for grades 1-5
  • Art, music, and STEM electives for grades 7-8
  • Response to Intervention model
  • Pre assessments drive instruction
  • Work is "different", not "in addition to"
Partial/Single Subject Acceleration
  • One section of advanced math in grades 2-8 
  • One section of geometry (8th grade) taught on campus by a highly qualified teacher from Arrowhead High School
  • Multiple grade level acceleration in math with data support and readiness confirmation
  • Early entrance to high school as needed for one or more subjects
Full Grade Acceleration & Early Entrance
  • As needed according to Iowa Acceleration Scale guidelines and team recommendation
Replacement Curriculum
  • Options include highly focused integrated science, reading and writing courses through the MPS Center for Advanced Academics (formerly WCATY - Wisconsin Center for Academically Talented Youth)
Targeted Opportunities
  • Computer Coding Club for grades 5-8
  • Environmental Club for grades 5-8
  • Forensics team for grades 6-8
  • Math Counts 6-8 (5th can participate, but can't compete) 
  • Math Meet for grades 5-8 
  • National Junior Honor Society in grades 6-8
  • Principal's Council in grade 4
  • Student Senate in grades 5-8
  • Wisconsin Association for Gifted and Talented Teen Conference for grades 7-8
Guidance Groups
  • As needed, for individuals or small groups exhibiting social and emotional needs that are interfering with their engagement and/or growth at school.