More children's poetry

Tea time at Maisie’s
Maisie had three crocodiles.
From eggs she’d grown them all.
She had no problems feeding them
As long as they were small.

But crocodiles grow much too fast
And eat whole sheep and goats.
Soon Maisie found that all her cash
Had vanished down their throats.

Her crocs were hungry. They got thin.
And Maisie was so sad.
She even thought of selling them.
The idea drove her mad.

But then she found a clever way
To give her crocs much more.
For in the room above their pool
She cut a big trap door.

Whenever someone came to call
She’d serve them tea and cake,
Then take them to her special room
A fine meal they would make.

She’d lead them to the window where
They’d look out at the view.
She’d pull the handle in the wall,
To drop them screaming through.

The postie and the meter man
And five delivery men.
Three politicians – that was good!
And salesmen? She got ten.

But finally there came the day
Policemen came to call.
‘Maisie, we’ve lost lots of men.
We think you’ve got them all!’

‘Fair cop,’ she said. ‘I’ll show you how.’
She took them to her room
And stood them on the trap and – whoops!
They also met their doom.

And to this day, she keeps it up,
But does it even better.
It’s only nasty people now,
Invited with a letter.
Little Willie
Little Willie went to sea, 
A healthy life, you’ll all agree. 
Pulled out the plug and sank the ship 
And he alone survived the trip.

Great and small

Elephant, buffalo, cat.
Crocodile, kangaroo, bat.
Butterfly, vole,
Terrapin, sole,
Manatee, parakeet, gnat.