Merkel High School has begun a partnership with Region 14 and started the conversation of Culture Shift

Merkel High School is eager to move forward in the realm of innovation and learning. So many great things are happening here and the field of education is changing with our culture and society.

Why is this necessary? Watch the following video:

Changing Education Paradigms

Throughout the 2014 spring semester we held meetings to discuss how we can shift Merkel High School in a direction that will enhance the learning of today's classroom culture. From this, we came up with some Transformation Targets, a Model MHS Graduate, and the Model MHS Classroom.

Transformation Targets

  • Meaningful engagement of students

  • A conscious focus on life beyond HS - college/career readiness

  • Instilling responsibility in meeting expectations

Merkel HS Graduate

A student at Merkel High School will be a curious, responsible, resourceful, life-long learner with enhanced communication and problem-solving skills that is conscious of a global community.

Model Merkel HS Classroom

The classroom at Merkel HS assumes change and expects innovation. Each classroom extends beyond our building walls and encourages self-directed students who collaborate through a variety of instructional strategies, led by educators who exemplify life-long learning and facilitate that learning environment.

Remember, Culture Shift will be a process...NOT overnight change!!  However the 2014-2015 school year was a huge success!  This Culture Shift pushed beyond our high school and into the classrooms of every MISD campus.  Take time to look at the
Tag Team page and every classroom teaching strategy to see examples of what was accomplished in our classrooms.