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Updated 11/24/2011

Mrs. Moreno's Classroom Calendar


Classroom Tidbits
    We have begun a new unit in Reading.  It is called "Beyond the Stars" and includes stories about space in a number of genres.  However, the majority of the stories are non-fiction and therefore more technical in nature.  Most students find this type of reading more difficult to understand, so do not be overly surprised to see lower test scores.  I will try my best to see that all students understand the content prior to testing. A Literacy/Science project rubric has been sent home - students will create a model of our solar system - WHICH WILL NOW BE DUE AFTER WINTER BREAK IN JANUARY.
 We began Unit 3 on decimals before the Thanksgiving break.   Although the majority of students at least understand the basic place value concepts associated with decimal numbers, as we have progressed to larger numbers and addition and subtraction of decimals, a few students are beginning to struggle.  I am doing my best to meet the specific needs of all students, so I will attempt to keep the homework calendar up-to-date with each group's assignments listed.  Students should know which assignment is theirs!
 We are now into American colonization in Social Studies.  We will continue to be studying early settlements in North America.
In science, we have completed our exploration of erosion, land forms, and Earth structures.  We are now embarking on a study of matter and energy.  We will be concentrating in this area from now until winter break.
   November Book Projects are now due. These projects on historical fiction selections are already showing great promise. I apologize for the late rubrics and am showing leniency in that regard.  Future rubrics will need to be carefully followed.  The 5th grade teachers have also added a presentation sheet which must be turned in along with the project to ensure students read their selections and understand the genre.   
   I thoroughly enjoyed meeting with my students' parents/guardians.  The few of you that were unable to attend can look forward to a call from me in the following week or two,  just touch base on your children's progress.
WWU After School Tutorial Program
  Our C2C tutoring program will end on Thursday, December 1st, until after the winter holidays.  I am not certain of the exact date that after school tutoring will resume, but I will let all the involved students know prior to the break.  I am incredibly pleased with the progress students are making as a direct result of this program.  I want to thank the parents/guardians for seeing that students are regularly attending and being picked up promptly afterward.  If you feel that your child should have received an invitation yet didn't, please let me know and we will discuss it.  Most likely, your child will be able to participate.  The program meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:30 to 4:30.  Although transportation is not provided, it is my (and the administration's) desire that all eligible students be included.  If at all possible, we will try and connect parents of students to provide carpooling for those having problems with transportation.
    All mentors and TMCE students are well supervised by Mrs. Iwasaki, Ms. Thomas, or myself.
    Please continue to visit our site often so as to stay abreast of the goings on in Room 10.  It is my desire to keep information as up-to-date as possible.  Please excuse me if I get behind--I am technologically impaired for the most part!  I will do my very best to keep the homework calendar and Skyward current so that you will have immediate access to how your student is doing at any given time. Call the school office if you need instructions or have lost your password to this valuable resource.   Although these avenues provide forms of continual communication, please feel free to reach me for questions, concerns, or just a sharing of information through the venues listed below: 
    Email:  pmoreno@meridian,wednet.edu   -- I check this at least 2 times per day
    Classroom telephone:  (360) 318-2410 -- I am generally available to talk before school from 8:00 - 8:30 a.m. and after school from 3:40 - 4:30.  Feel free to leave a message at anytime.