Welcome to the Navigating the Seven C's Website!  
The Navigating the Seven C's Secondary Mathematics Project is a collaborative effort by mathematics educators across the state of North Carolina to develop and deliver professional development that supports implementation of the state-adopted curriculum, based on the Common Core State Standards in Mathematics at the secondary level.  

Coordinated through Meredith College, faculty from Meredith College, UNC-Greensboro, and Appalachian State along with secondary teacher leaders will provide two-day institutes in each region that focus on critical aspects of the standard for each course - Math I, Math II, and Math II - and will model the Standards for Mathematical Practice. Funded by the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction, the Project Coordinator is Jeane Joyner (joynerj@meredith.edu).

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What are the Seven C's? 
Highlights of the professional development include opportunities for participants to focus on:
  • Learning new content
  • Solving tasks in context
  • Engaging in conversations 
  • Communicating mathematical understanding
  • Making connections within mathematics and across disciplines
  • Building coherence in the curriculum
  • Cultivating pedagogical diversity