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Managing in the Low Carbon Economy

Environmental technologies are all around us….They are any technology that, when compared to other… technologies, (that do) the same thing - but with less environmental impact….(they) have great potential to improve the environment and, at the same time, boost the competitiveness of companies.”  EU Environmental Technologies Action Plan.

This quote, taken from one of the EU's main policy instruments, sets out an ambitious intent for the contribution that environmental technologies can make to both the sustainability of Europe's environment and the sustainability of its economy.  Meeting this challenge can lead on to prosperity in a sustainable framework!

Policy in this area is being implemented through legislation that, for the most part, is market based and enables a business response to this agenda.  The resulting market, that for Environmental Goods and Services (EGS) is already significant and is growing.  It is less than straightforward to assess as it is defined by types of product rather than sector of activity and requires a complex supply chain, where its impact is often hidden.  Nonetheless the opportunity is recognised as being of major proportions and political ambitions in this area show no signs of moderating despite the 'credit crunch'.

The emerging low carbon economy poses challenges at every level, both to us as individuals and to how we conduct our business lives- how we manage the businesses that we are responsible for.  It is this challenge that MERC Consulting is concerned with and has been concerned with since its formation in 1998.

We have worked with managers in many businesses to:
  • define and design new products and services that respond to the need to reduce the level of carbon emissions;
  • implement management processes that reduce the carbon impact of day to day operations; and
  • develop new commercial arrangments and business models that mirror new needs.
The main purpose of this web site is to share some of the lessons that we have learned- our experience  demonstrates conclusively that effective ways forward in this new business world depend on collaboration as much as anything else!

 Ralph Hepworth, one of MERC's Directors

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