Mentor High School Transition Services

The Purpose of Transition

Transition Services consist of curriculum, instruction, services and supports for students with disabilities to help them move successfully from school to adult life whether they plan on attending a four-year school or heading straight to work (or anywhere in between). Planning ahead is an essential element for success in the adult world, especially when a student has a disability.

The Goals of Transition

Members of the Transition Team work to identify:

  • A vision for the student’s future
  • Student strengths and weaknesses
  • Courses of study
  • Education, employment and independent living needs and goals
  • Instruction and activities designed to reach student goals
  • Employment options and experiences
  • Community experiences
  • Related services

Transition Services

Based upon the team's decision, your child may receive some of the following services:

  • Consult with Transition Services Coordinator for future planning
  • Career and education interest exploration
  • College resources and contact information
  • Career & Technical Education options
  • Personalized transition programming
  • Referral and contact information to community agencies and resources
  • Seminar on transition topics for students, parents and staff
  • Summer Work Program
  • Work-study options
  • Cardinal Lab
  • Practical Assessment Exploration System (P.A.E.S. Lab)