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General Announcements

*Blizzard Bags can be found on Schoology*

Welcome back, everyone! I hope everybody enjoyed there spring break and took advantage of the extra time to rest and relax! I'm sure we all needed it! The good news is that we're in the fourth quarter! Only a handful of weeks left!!

This fourth quarter is what I like to call the "home stretch." This is where many of you have an opportunity to take the grade in the grade book, and give it an extra push! Remember, third quarter reports are only progress updates; it's the fourth quarter report that we should all be focused on. I challenge you all to take these last few weeks to show me what you've got!

As stated before, I encourage all of you take advantage of any opportunity to approach me with questions concerning any material, work posted in the grade book, or if you just feel like getting a verbal overview of what's happening and what you should expect. And parents, that message goes out to you, too!

Remember, for those of you focusing on your grades: we still have a few more weeks, and much more to cover! And for those of you who are counting down the days: summer is right around the corner, so let's go out with a bang!

-Mrs. Price