Mentor Schools Gmail

We are moving to Gmail over winter break and this will affect all of us. Please take a few minutes to read
​this ​and then keep it handy for future reference.

Here are some key points regarding the change:
  • ​It 
    will take place on December 28th.​
  • Your email address and password will remain the same
  • You will need to access your new 
    ​G​mail account by logging into Google; you will no longer access your email through Outlook via the district website.
  • You have access to your 
    mail now. You may send emails from it, but you will not receive any in your 
    ​G​mail inbox until December 28th.
  • ​After the change is made, you will continue to have access to Outlook (including your calendar if you use it) until June 1, 2016; however, no new emails will go to it after December 28th.

There are some significant differences between Outlook and G​mail, and the adjustment may take some time.
In order to prepare for the change, 
​a few of the district instructional coaches have created a series of screencasts used to describe common functionalities to 
help you after the email switch has been completed. 



If you are interested in having Email and Calendar setup of your Mobile devices please see the links below.