Conventional wisdom warns beachgoers and other outdoor enthusiasts to minimise their exposure to the sun's rays. However, when properly utilised the ultraviolet light within those rays can be a powerful tool in the treatment of psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, vitiligo, prurigo, pityriasis lichenoides, and numerous other skin disorders.

Mentone Dermatology offers treatment with the Waldmann UV 7002, a state-of-the-art narrowband UV-B phototherapy unit that automatically manages patients' exposure to the ultraviolet rays to maximise treatment benefits based on your skin type and condition.

If you are prescribed a course of UV-B phototherapy, you will need to attend the practice 3 days per week, at any time from 9 to 5 that suits your schedule. There is usually no waiting time, and most patients are in and out of the practice within a few minutes.

The cost of phototherapy treatment is covered by Medicare. Your progress will be assessed after several weeks' treatment.

If you have been prescribed UV-B phototherapy by a different doctor but live closer to this practice, you can transfer your treatment to Mentone Dermatology by getting your current doctor to write a referral. There is no additional cost for the initial review and you will be able to start UV-B treatment straight away.

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Read about UV-B phototherapy at the Australasian College of Dermatologists A to Z of Skin Conditions page.

Or, watch the video below to learn more about how it works:

UV phototherapy treatment. Video by Waldmann.