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English Resources Page (Schoolfusion)

Educabana Tutoring - For when you realize you don't learn much at your school.

Passive Ninja Web Design - For when you realize those who design your websites have little talent.

Voucher School - For when you realize you should be at another school.

Sitcom Life Lessons - When you realize MFHS is not enough.

Luthernet Web Design - If you go to church or know someone who does.

Satisfamily - Advice for families.

McNewsy - The greatest creative writing website on the planet.


 English 9 - Jaeger 
 English 10

 English 11

 Mystery and Suspense

 The Novel and Film - Jaeger

 Theater Lit

 War and Conflict

 Senior Comp

 Creative Comp

 Writing Workshop - Jaeger

 Media Studies

 Creative Writing for Publications - Jaeger