About our Academy

Menlo-Atherton’s Academy is committed to developing the academic, personal, and critical thinking skills of select 10th through 12th grade students.  A college-bound, standards’ based curriculum is emphasized which simultaneously develops essential career skills needed for today’s emerging high-tech industries.  By providing smaller class size, various instructional methodologies, and an integrated, enriched curriculum designed by a dedicated team of teachers who regularly communicate goals and high expectations, the program seeks to meet each student’s comprehensive needs and enable all students to master mandated curriculum. 

Being a school within a school, the Academy can more readily foster a sense of community and function as an extended family.  Several community building activities are incorporated into the curriculum.  Each activity is designed to enhance the learning experience.  Participating in these extracurricular activities provides students with incentives and, in addition, allows Academy teachers - regardless of their particular area of curricular expertise - to better know their students so as to help them meet with desired success.

By creating a warm, nurturing, well disciplined, positive environment and equipping our students with core essential knowledge and skills, we encourage students to develop a personal educational plan based on their interests and lifelong learning goals.  While a motivating program to prepare them for post secondary education is offered, ample opportunities are given to develop essential career skills and become aware of various career options.  Being “The Computer Academy,” the school focuses on equipping students with mastery of the technological tools and skills available to all in the twenty-first century.   The use of these tools and skills is regularly integrated into the students’ daily coursework so that graduates of the Academy will be particularly adept at a myriad of technological skills, a key factor for successful employment in today’s society.   In addition, community service is encouraged in the Academy to foster commitment, pride, good citizenry, responsibility and a sense of belonging.  Whether students choose a career or an academic path upon graduation, we hope to help our students appreciate diversity, embrace the notion of being lifelong learners and valuable members of their community who have learned to respect themselves and others.