IT-Solutions in Production and Business

Partnership for Stronger Europe


Partners of the project:
Askim Videregående Skole (AVGS)

ATS aplikované technické systémy s.r.o. (ATS)

BHAK-HBLW Rohrbach (BBS)

Mendelova střední škola, Nový Jičín, příspěvková organizace (MSŠ)

ZAW Zentrum für Aus- und Weiterbildung Leipzig GmbH (ZAW)


IT-solutions in Production and Business – Partnership for Stronger Europe project was an intensive international five-sided cooperation of ICT teachers, their students (partners from the Czech Republic - MSŠ - applicant organisation; Norway - AVGS, Germany - ZAW and Austria - BBS - partner organisations) and also ICT experts (ATS Global - partner organisation) in the field of programming. The cooperation was divided into 3 areas: robotics, creating websites and e-commerce. All the 3 fields were supervised by successful international ICT company, which practically solves these areas in its commercial activities. The main objective of the project was to improve the ICT skills of pupils of secondary schools in relation to the requirements of ICT companies – their potential future employers. Also the teachers of ICT subjects (especially those that have anything to do with programming) had the opportunity to discuss their techniques and methods and compare the differences in the Czech, Austrian, German and Norwegian school practice.

The outputs of the project are: 

1) 4 interactive textbooks regarding 3 chosen fields of programming:
    a) Programming Educational Robots,
    b) Programming Manufacturing Robots,
    c) Creating Websites for Students´ Companies,
    d) Designing E-shops and Their Maintenance.

2) several functional programmes for manufacturing systems and small robots,

3) project photo web blog and websites of student companies,

4) several functional e-shops (for products and services of student companies),

The project was based on 7 training activities - common student workshops in the fields of programming small educational and manufacturing robots, creating websites, designing e-shops and integration of complex bussiness applications (websites + e-shops). Important preparative and evaluation moments were 7 transnational project meetings, where the teachers of ICT, project management and practitioners from commercial sphere were present.

The participants among students acquired, deepened and enhanced their skills and knowledge in programming small educational robots, manufacturing robots, web sites, e -shops and commercial complex systems. The European validation tool ECVET with well-defined units of learning outcomes was implemented. Thanks to concrete work assignment and outputs the pupils gained professional experience in a real programming material. Participants among students are able to meet the high professional tasks in their individual careers after graduation.

Participants among ICT teachers acquired, deepened and enhanced their abilities, skills and knowledge of programming, both at the level of methodological guidance, so at the level of professional work experience itself (supervision and direct involvement of ATS Global – manufacturing engineering systems, manufacturing robots). The outputs of the project are 4 professional compendiums (study texts with video demonstrations in the form of interactive textbooks) in the areas of Programming Educational and Manufacturing Robots, Creating Websites for Students´ Companies, Designing E-shops and Their Maintenance. All of them are used in ICT lessons at all partner schools. Furthemore, their can be used by any school which is interested in.

By joining the project ATS Global wanted to support the pupils of ICT discipline directly during their studies.

The impact on ATS Global is to establish links with the teaching of ICT at secondary schools in 4 countries, ie a better understanding of learning process. ATS offered the schools the view of the company's practices.