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Research Catalog

The research catalog is a massive and rapidly growing crowd-sourced database of research articles and their document details. With millions upon millions of articles being added to Mendeley's Research Catalog on a monthly basis, you are bound to find what you are looking for (and more!).

It is cross-disciplinary, continuously updated and layered with social and statistical data that make it extremely useful.
Access the Mendeley Research Catalog via http://www.mendeley.com/research-papers/

Research Catalog
Here's a quick overview of our research catalog.
You will notice that you are presented with some of the most read papers in the catalog (on the left-hand side). You can see that there is a small indicator of the number of Mendeley users that are also reading this document (or at least have it in their library). More so, you can restrict your searches to a given discipline by going through one of the options on the upper right sidebar section.

Statistical goodness is presented in the bottom right sidebar where you can see interesting stats such as the most popular publication outlet.

Mendeley Research Catalog

Research article entry
When you click on one of the search results displayed, you'll be taken to the article level page. On this page you will find a great deal of information regarding the research article but also some interesting content such as social statistics, related articles, quick access formatted citations and more.

Let's take a look at an example.
Mendeley article page