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Mendeley's catalog sees extremely rapid growth, month after month with users uploading and adding anonymized references and articles. This massive library spans multiple disciplines and topics. Using this large catalog, Mendeley's team of top-notch engineers have been working tremendously hard to bring you recommendations for articles that may be of your interest, either based on your current library or specifically related to the paper you may be looking at in the catalog.

Related research
This is a list of articles that is displayed on an entry page of the Mendeley research catalog. It showcases other references that may be of interest. These may be open access or not.

Related full-text papers
In this case, Mendeley Web will display a short list of articles that is available in full-text that is related to the current article you are viewing.

Related research     Related full-text papers

Mendeley Suggest
Mendeley Suggest offers personalized recommendations for what you should be reading next, based on the contents of your library. This service is currently available only for premium users and acts like a Last.fm or Pandora for research.
Mendeley Suggest - Mendeley Desktop