Mendeley Desktop (Mac)
Get ready to learn all about Mendeley!

Here you'll find lots of information to guide you through Mendeley Desktop (Mac) the main components that make up Mendeley. We've broken things down into a few key sections:
  • Organize - Learn how to set up your library, move from and/or integrate with other reference management software, create collections, etc.
  • Manage - A peak into all the cool features that allow you to keep your library up to date.
  • Read and write - Here we showcase the built-in PDF viewer and also the citation plugin.
  • Collaborate - This sections shows you how to collaborate with your colleagues using Mendeley.
  • Discover - Mendeley helps you find articles critical to your research via automatic recommendations and a searchable database of almost 300 million records.
  • Participate - Mendeley's development roadmap has been molded by user feedback, here you can learn how to make Mendeley better with us.