Course Description
This course will include work in all aspects of the language arts:  Speaking, Spelling, Vocabulary, Grammar, Reading, and Writing. 
Just as importantly, much attention will be focused on the key elements of Focus, Self-Control, Organization, Time Management, and Listening Skills.   Everything in my classroom is centered around my students' mastery of these elements as they will play a vital role in their education and in fact, their lives.
Your student will be challenged to apply what's been taught throughout the year. 

The link provided below will connect you with my plan book and lessons. Please feel free to access it to find assignments, etc. 

I will also be using REMIND to help you.
Supplies List
  1. One Two-inch binder with pockets (used is fine)
  2. Five divider tabs
  3. Two 70-80 page spiral bound notebooks
  4. Pencils & Pens
  5. A pencil pouch for the binder
  6. An open mind and willing spirit
This is my 22nd year of teaching at Memphis Junior High  (of course back in the olden days, it was known as "Memphis Middle School").  Each year is a new adventure.  Case in point: This is the first time that I'm adding in more cooperative learning groups. 

At Memphis, I'm coaching cross country runners at the junior and senior high schools!  If you would like your child to participate, please contact me.  I'll take runners until September 10th.
Personally, my husband, Alan, and I have been blissfully :) married for over 33 years.  Alan has named me as his campaign manager in his 2016 bid for Congress!  It's an exciting time.  We have three adult children.  Our two sons and their wives have blessed us with our first two grandsons!  Our youngest, Marirose, just graduated from MSU and married her college sweetheart.  She majored in Professional Writing and minored in Japanese. (How's that for a combination?  :) 
I enjoy playing sports (soccer, running), reading, raising animals, and traveling with my family.
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