Course Description

Unless there is a shortened week, the following will be our spelling assignments for the duration of the year.  
Monday - 5 times each
Tuesday - 3 times abc order
Wednesday - choice
Thursday - choice
Friday - test

Your child should be reading every day for a minimum of 20-30 minutes outside of school.  Students are expected to have a library or Scholastic Reading Counts book with them to carry back and forth to school each day.  Our weekly reading story will be assigned on Monday each week.  Students are expected to bring home their reading series book each Thursday night to read the weekly story with parents and discuss the story.  We will be having a test over the weekly story each Fridday. 

Students will be writing definitions and their own sentences to the vocabulary words that go along with the weekly reading series story.  These vocabulary words are the challenge words on the weekly spelling list. These vocabulary word definitions and sentences will be due on Tuesday each week.  Students should also keep a journal of daily writing.

Social Studies
Social Studies content will come from MichiganCitizenshipCurriculum.org (MC3) as well as from our textbook.  Students are expected to study vocabulary flashcards at least three nights per week.  Study guides will be given out 3-5 days before each test. To access MC3,  click on Assignments under Home on left part of page, then click on view under Social Studies MiCitizenship, to look at the units we will be studying. 

5th Grade Girls Basketball
5th Grade Girls Basketball

5th Grade Boys Basketball
5th Grade Boys Basketball

Supplies List
  1. Text Book
  2. Paper
  3. Binder 
  4. Pencil and Pen
  5. Brain