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Our wedding day -July 29, 2017 - was absolutely perfect.

Ben and I with a baby black bear at Oswald's in the U.P.!

Mrs. Dunsmore's Contact information:

Phone # (810) 535-8432 - No Extension Needed!
School Website - http://www.memphisk12.org/

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Daily Schedule:
1st -Algebra 1
2nd -Pre-Algebra C/T w/Miss Behnke
3rd - Pre-Algebra C/T w/Miss Behnke
4th - Prep & Lunch
5th - Math 7 C/T w/Miss Behnke
6th - Math 7

Contact Hours:
4th Hour - Prep - 10:59 - 12:24pm
Before or After School - Let's set up an appointment! :)

For access to the math books, visit: www.bigideasmath.com

About Me!
I graduated in 2010 from Saginaw Valley State University with a Bachelor's Degree in Arts. I majored in Elementary Education and minored in Mathematics and Social Studies. I am certified to teach K-5 all subjects and K-8 Mathematics and Social Studies.

In March 2017, I graduated from Walden University with my Master's Degree in Science, with a Specialization in Mathematics Grades 5-8. I am so relieved to be done!

Over the summer, I got married! We took a wonderful Honeymoon in Alaska for almost 2 weeks. We saw so many beautiful landscapes and wildlife. These include mountains, glaciers, ice fields, rivers and bays. We saw a grizzly bear, a black bear Mother with 2 cubs, a bald eagle, a wolf, moose, caribou and Dall sheep. It was exciting to see so many animals in their natural habitat. Ask me about our plane ride, too!

I am super excited to see how this school year turns out! I'm so glad to have Algebra 1 back in my schedule too. I am always here to help! Here's to school year 2017-18!


Mrs. Dunsmore!
(This name will take some getting used to!)

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