Mr. Meldrum's High School Health Class.

Welcome!!  This site is for the high school Health class. I also teach Physical Education.
Attention Parents!! 
Each year in January we conduct our Sex Education/Reproductive Health lessons.  At the high school we have a "opt out" rule, which means that your child will be a part of the lesson unless you return the attached letter (also given to your child) stating that you do not want your child to be a part of the lessons.  They will be given an additional assignment in an alternate location.  
The letter can be found by clicking on the "Assignment" category on the top left and then you will see it under "Repo Health" if you would like to print it out yourself.

Course Description

This class is designed to give the students a general overall view of health in the hopes that it will encourage them to make healthier decisions in their daily life.
This class is a semester class taught by Mr. Meldrum.

All grades and assignments can be found following the Skyward login page (  You should have received a username and password already.  If you have not received it yet please contact our main office.  810-392-2186  You can check your child's grades at any time through Skyward.  

You can contact me at anytime.  The best way is through email:  Or you can call 810-392-2186 ext. 332.
Supplies List
  1. Text Book
  2. Paper
  3. Binder 
  4. Pencil and Pen
  5. Brain