Course Description
This class focuses on U.S. History and government from the Revolutionary War time period through the end of Reconstruction post American Civil War. 

A useful study resource is www.classzone.com select Jr. High Social Studies for MI, and the Creating America book with the gold stripe. 

About Me- Ms. Janota
Welcome to 8th grade. I look forward to working with you this year. I have been teaching in Memphis for seventeen years now. Social Studies is my favorite area of instruction. I am also certified to teach Science, and have studied Technology in the Classroom with Walden University for my Masters. 

I have three adult children, and three grandchildren with twin grandsons due in December. My hobbies are mostly outdoor activities like running, biking, hiking, gardening, and relaxing. Indoors fun for me would be visiting with family, reading, cooking, fixing up my house, and an occasional movie. 

I have lived in many of the states as well as three years in Germany. In particular, I was raised in Alaska and graduated from Kenai Central High School. I am very lucky to share so much of the world with our students.

Daily Supplies List
  1. Text Book
  2. Binder specifically for S.S.
  3. Pencil or Pen
  4. Planner/Homework Book

Beginning of the year supplies:

1. a 2-3" binder with dividers
2. a spiral notebook ~ 80-100 pages (one subject)
3. pencils or pens
4. colored pencils or pens

5. pencil sharpener that contains the shavings
6. box of tissues

Classroom help
paper towels
wet wipes
hand sanitizer
ziploc bags