We are so excited to begin this year with you! We know that together we will achieve our highest goals and we will model excellence for all of MMS! Please look around the website and become familiar with it. We will use this site as a means of communication for upcoming assignments, a place to print an extra copy of homework, or a place where you  can find a copy of the teacher notes.

Off  to the side there is a navigation section that links you to several other sites. These sites include math.com, Remind 101 and AdaptedMind and other sites. 

AdaptedMind is a site where your child can play games while practicing math or reading. You can login with a parent email and create a password for free and you will have limited access to the site. You can also  pay for full access to the site, but I would recommend the free access to see if you like it or not and then if you do talk to your parents.

Remind 101 is a site where you can input your phone number and sign up for your class (with parent permission). This will allow you to get updates on homework changes or announcements. If you need the access codes go to your tab at the top of the page. Once in your grade level tab scroll to the bottom and find the Remind 101 file. When you open this file it will walk you through how to sign up. Parents can also join the class so they can get updates as well.