Ours at Nietzsche's in Buffalo, June 15, 2013


Ring the Bell Summer Tour in support of Our's new album Ballet the Boxer 1

The dark room was lit with red and yellow candles as alternative rock band Ours entered the stage to start an intoxicating show at Nietzsche’s in Buffalo, New York, last Saturday. The ‘Ring the Bell Summer Tour’ in support of Ours brand new album Ballet the Boxer 1 will bring the band to many cities across the United States during the summer.

Ours kicked off the set with two songs from their new album, “Pretty Pain,” the first song on the album, followed by “Sing” and then “Here is the light” from Ours’s 2001 album ‘Distorted Lullabies.’

“Devil” is the most haunting song of the new album. Both, instrumentation and lead singers Jimmy Gnecco’s vocals are intense and take the listener through emotional ups and downs that only Ours can create. The song captures the wide range of Jimmy Gnecco’s vocals, includes April Bauer’s keys and Static’s signature atmospheric guitar sound.

Ours’ new album was financed with the help of fans through the website PledgeMusic.com, where fans were able to buy the album, vinyls, meet ups with the band, and much more in order to raise money for the band to produce the new album. As soon as the album was finished, Ours made an mp3 version available for everyone who pledged. Judging by the many people in the Buffalo crowd who happily sang along with the new songs, there were a lot of fans who pledged in the audience. The band showed their appreciation for their fans to trust them enough to help finance an album that did not even exist when the campaign started. But, everyone who knows Ours, knows that this is always a safe investment!

During the set, Ours slowed it down and Jimmy Gnecco played an acoustic version of “God only wants you” from the album ‘Mercy – Dancing for the Death of an Imaginary Enemy.’ 

The new album includes influences which have not yet been included in any other record. This is most audible in the song “Been down” which is the funkiest song ever produced by Ours. The song has a beautiful dynamic, includes very funky baselines and keys that makes you want to dance until the song comes to a beautiful ending where Jimmy Gnecco showcases his impeccable falsetto.

Ours played their first single “Sometimes” from their first album and ended the concert with the last two songs of the new album “Get Em Out” and “Fall Into My Hands.”

Ours just started their 2013 summer tour, so be sure to check them out when they come to a city near you! The band can also be seen as support for upcoming Peter Murphy shows. Check out Ours.net for tour dates.


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