Search Strategies

Special Search Terms
  1. view:map "search term"
  2. view:timeline "search term"
  3. filetype:ppt "search term"
  4. filetype:pdf "search term"
  5. site:edu "search term"
  6. site:gov "search term"
  7. "SearchTerms" (this searches the Library of Congress!)

Fact-Checking Sites and Plug-Ins

Fact-Checking Sites:

Browser Plug-ins:Identifying Fake News Sites:

Search Engines

Google (Advanced),
NEW!!! Google Scholar Find scholarly, peer-reviewed subject-specific results with advanced search
Google Book Soople (Google explicit!)
Icerocket blogg search
All the Web (Advanced), 
ASK (Advanced) ,
Exalead Advanced,
OAIster (university archives),
*Killer Info, 
Wayback Machine (archived web pages),
Rocket News (for breaking news)
For comparing: Twingine

Special Search Engines:

Librarians Internet Index - dozens of high-quality websites carefully selected, described, and organized by our team of librarians.
Social Issues Browse hot topics and pro/con links
TechnoratiBrowse or search user-identified subjects ("tags") for blog advice or opinions
CiteSeer (who's citing whom in scientific publication),
OJOSE (Science Journals),
AllSearchEngines (foreign language)
Scirus (science), (education),
SOSIG (Social Sciences)
HUMBUL (Humanities),
Biography Center
PSIGate: Physical Science Information Gateway

Metasearch Engines


**Clusty, Brainstorm topic ideas using result clusters. Uncover buried sites by choosing a related cluster. Drill down into a cluster of results

Grokker Explore a web of your topic and subtopics (Yahoo results)
Ixquick, KeotagwhonuAnswers,com,
Ithaki MetasearchIcerocket
BrainBoost (question answering/natural language),, KartOO, Metacrawler, , DogpileMetaEurekaMammaMetaFind, MetaMissionMetaSearch, QueryServer Metor,Pandia Search CentralSearch.comSurfWaxHighway61, SearchTurtle, WebScout, Proteus

Subject Directories

Virtual LRC Select a subject category, then search on term(s) or a phrase
Librarian's Index to the Internet, Google DirectoryDMOZ (Open Directory Project), netTrekker,
Yahoo! Directory,
Multnomah Homework Center, Noodelinks,
High School HubPinakes (subject launchpad) LibrarySpot, IPL Pathfinders*Academic Info (scholarly),
BUBL LINK (scholarly), Infomine (scholarly), DeskRef,
Dewey Browse, CyberDeweyDigital Librarian, 
Awesome LibraryBest Information on the Internet Galaxy,
Internet Public LibraryInvisible Web,
Kathy Schrock's Guide for EducatorsKid Info,
LookSmartOpen Directory Project ,
WWW Virtual LibraryTrackStarWhat You Seek

Primary Sources
American Memory
Locate documents, sound recordings, images, maps, and other American primary sources
Ready, 'Net, Go!
Browse worldwide archival index
Library and Archival Exhibitions on the Web
Search for online exhibitions selected by Smithsonian librarians

Image and Media Searching

(Remember to be careful about copyright, especially when publishing on the Web! Ask for permission to use and cite any image that is not public domain)

AltaVista Image Finder
Creative Commons Search
Google Image Search The Place for Pictures
NYPL Digital Gallery
Find Sounds Multimedia
Lycos Richmedia
New York Times Multimedia [[|]]
Proteus Image Search (combined search interface)
Public Health Image Gallery
WebSEEk: Content-based Image and Video Search and Catalog Tool for the Web
Yahoo Picture Gallery
Yahoo News Image Gallery
Yahoo! News Photos Slide Gallery