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Mass E-mails

posted Dec 13, 2010, 11:41 AM by   [ updated Dec 13, 2010, 11:44 AM ]

by Harlyn Andrew

     Students keep sending out e-mails that have no meaning. When you send out an e-mail it should be because you have a lost item or news for everyone like, scholarships, or something good about our school. When you type up the e-mail and send to everyone it will be sent to students, staff, advisory board, and some legislators.

     In the beginning of the school year Mr. Gurule sent out an e-mail saying that we were not allowed to send out mass e-mails in the first place. It isn’t a great idea to send e-mails to pass time. The school is here to give us an education, and when the teachers give us time during class to work we shouldn’t be going on Facebook, Myspace, or other e-mails and chat rooms. When you get on the school e-mail it should be to send your work to yourself for study hour. Sending out e-mails just to have fun is not what Mt. Edgecumbe is about. We are here to learn and move towards a higher education. It is not okay to send out mass e-mails to just pass time and have fun.

Brittany Young is mad because of the mass e-mails from students trying to make jokes.