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ANSEP 2011 Spring and Summer

posted Mar 8, 2011, 10:40 AM by Mark Nance   [ updated Mar 8, 2011, 11:22 AM ]
The ANSEP computer builds are coming to MEHS the last week of March (28-1).  The build is open to Seniors, Juniors and a select group of Sophomores.  To participate in the build see either Mr. Arnold or Mr. Nance for an application.  The applications for the ANSEP build are due on Wednesday March 16th.  All application need to be turned in on time.  If you are traveling during the build time, arrangements can be made to build at an alternative time, but you need to talk to Mr. Arnold or Mr. Nance.

ANSEP does more than help students with computer builds and scholarships, they have donated money to help with travel and equipment for the Robotics classes.  They also offer some real cool summer oppertunities.

Our goal is for each Summer Acceleration Academy student to:
  • Earn $2,000 in scholarship support good at UAA, UAF, or UAS
  • Complete two of the following classes: biology, chemistry, physics or
  • Or complete 2 of the following classes: Calculus 1, Introduction to Engineering, or Introduction to Biology
  • Develop a peer group
  • Get to know University faculty and staff
  • Take classes not otherwise available
  • Understand STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) career opportunities
  • Understand the importance of a supportive community/study group
  • Learn to navigate at the University
  • Become college ready
  • Learn to become independent by managing time and resources
  • Earn college credits
  • Graduate with a B.S. in a STEM discipline

Summer Academy - Photo of Student
The concept behind the Summer Acceleration Academy developed as a direct result of our Pre-College component. ANSEP places high expectations on our students and we provide them every opportunity to succeed. Students are expected to complete biology, trigonometry, chemistry, and physics before graduating from high school.

Many schools across Alaska do not offer these courses on location, which requires students to take them through a web-based program. ANSEP believes these students should have the opportunity to take these classes and be taught directly by a teacher. ANSEP’s Summer Acceleration Academy will provide this missing link.

Eligible students who have completed one or more of the courses offered during Summer Acceleration Academy may select from the Introduction to Engineering or Introduction to Biological Sciences class instead. Students who are ready with their math can take Calculus 1. This means you will be even further ahead when you arrive as a college student!

Here is a link to the ANSEP site for the SUMMER ACCELERATION PROGRAM

Also offered this summer is the SUMMER BRIDGE PROGRAM:

How the Summer Bridge component works

Summer Bridge - Photo of Student

Summer Bridge is aimed at recent high school graduates who will be attending the University in the fall. The Summer Bridge was started at the University of Washington in the mid nineties as a way to mitigate some of the problems Indigenous students had due to poor math preparation as well as issues related to career awareness and transitioning to the University from rural communities. The University of Alaska adopted the Summer Bridge in 1998. The success of the Pre-College component has dramatically improved both the quality and the quantity of students applying for the Summer Bridge.


Students spend their first week doing a campus orientation and team building activities developing a cohort.


Anchorage Based Students:

Starting the second week and throughout the rest of the Summer Bridge these students spend 2 hours every morning from 8 am to 10 am in a college level math course that prepares them for University level math at UA.  The students work the remainder of the day on engineering or science internships within our partner organizations. They come back to ANSEP for dinner and work in teams on their homework.  The students also attend Friday morning field trips to different industry service companies adn participate in lunchtime presentations which broaden their knowledge of the engineering, construction, and sciences. 


Field Based Students:

The students spend the second week doing safety training to ready them to work in the field.  The students then spend 4 weeks in the field doing a full-time internship with engineers or scientists.  The students come back to UAA for their final 4 weeks for a calculus math preperation course to ready them for UA math. 


On the weekends the students are in town they participate in fun team building activities such as rock climbing, hiking, go carting, and movies.  At the end of the summer the students present their project results to supervisors, mentors, and the other team members. Students who successfully complete the program are awarded scholarship support. The pace of the summer is tough, but students enjoy it and rise to the challenge year after year.

Here is a link to the Summer Bridge Program

Here is a GOOGLE Docs version of the Computer Build Application