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A couple PLC updates from Wednesday November 24th

posted Nov 30, 2010, 9:08 AM by Mark Nance   [ updated Jan 21, 2011, 4:29 PM ]

Technology Department


Our PLC continued the discussion about what to say to the Administrators when we meet with them again.  We also discussed if it would be better to look into a 1 to 1 lease for all the students or look into a cart in each room.  We discussed both plans and have not come to a conclusion yet.  We had two members absent for the meeting.


Electives Department


The Electives PLC meeting last week was held at the Highliner and consisted of us working out our wish list for the title money.  Not very exciting, but it was actually fun!  It was like looking through the Sears' catalogue putting stars next to the things we want:)  The next time we meet we are going to discuss what we want to accomplish next semester

Social Studies Department


The Social Studies Department began the collaborative process by formalizing our professional meeting standards.  We reviewed student placements within our department and shared insights into strengths and areas of need for many of our returning students.  The MEHS administration trained all teachers in the use of D.I.A.S.A., which is a web-based interface, which allows teachers an unlimited opportunity to examine student standardized test scores.  Our department explored some of the possibilities for utilizing current and future student test data in connection with our areas of emphasis or Power Standards.  Employing the best practice of drawing from many sources, Ms. Dionne Jackson represented the S.S. Dept. at the State of Alaska’s Curriculum Alignment Workshop in Anchorage on November 8th and 9th. 


More recently, our department has continued to itemize and prioritize our proposals for the use of title IX funds.  Also, along with each other academic department, MEHS administration and teachers are striving to offer a schedule of classes that offer maximum benefit and flexibility to students while incorporating the requirements of the new Alaska Performance Scholarship, which is being phased in this year.  Most recently our department met with Mr.Gurule and Mr. Hawk in an ongoing effort at strategic planning with the Social Studies in order to provide the best for MEHS students.