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Class Name: Yearbook
Taught By:Erika Drain
Course Prerequisites: Successful completion of English 1 and Computer 1 
Graduation Requirements Met: This semester long course fulfills an elective credit.  The course may be taken more than once. 
Course Description:  Yearbook is a semester-long elective that produces the school yearbook.  Members of the staff are expected to have a high level of maturity and the ability to work independently.  Students will be responsible for the production, design, and publication of the school yearbook.  This production-based course requires both in class and after school time.  This is a wonderful opportunity for members of the team to exercise their creativity, while developing new skills in computer design, photography, copy writing, and project management.  Creating the yearbook is a fun process and the end result of all the effort is a product the students can be proud of.