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US History

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Class Name: US History
Taught By: Lena Aloysius Paul Fitzgibbon
Description: Course Prerequisites: None  Graduation Requirements Met:  This one credit course is required for all juniors and must be passed in order to graduate.  Course Description:  This one credit course is designed to help students gain appreciation/ pride/sense of responsibility for his/her role as an American citizen.  Students will gain knowledge of the major events, people and movements that have contributed to the development of the U.S.  Students will gain awareness of the diversity of American society and the role of the U.S. in world events.  This course will build upon skills and knowledge acquired in previous social studies classes, especially geography and AK History.  It aligns with national social studies standards and is organized chronologically with a “cause-effect” focus.   Students will be assessed on reading assignments, daily work, note taking assignments, in-class activities, quizzes, tests and projects.