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Robotics 2

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Class Name: Robotics 2
Taught By: Mark Nance
Description:  Course Prerequisites: Computer 1 and Algebra 1 Graduation Requirements Met:  This class can fulfill the second computer credit or an elective requirement.  This class can be repeated.  Course Description:  This is the continuation of the Robotics 1 class.  Students in this class learn about advanced design and programming.  Students who take this class in the Spring will also participate in the Regional, State and if they qualify, National Competitions.  Students who take this class in the Fall and Spring and are able to fund-raise the money, will be able to attend other robotics competitions, like the Mate Competition in Hawaii (The Mate competition is not school funded).  There are many scholarships available to students who take this class and fill out the appropriate applications.   See Mr. Nance for more details.