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Global Issues

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Class Name: Global Issues
Taught By:Lena Aloysius

Description: Course Prerequisites: Junior or Senior – permission of instructor.  Graduation Requirements Met:  This ½ credit or 1 credit course is an elective social studies credit.  Course Description:  This is an upper division social studies class for the student who desires an opportunity to explore current world affairs in greater depth.   This course examines the changing issues that affect our world, nation and community.  Because the issues in the world are always changing, the course content also changes from year to year.  Students will help determine the units of study for each course.  A unit of study consistent from year to year is an examination of the United Nations. Other topics have included: global population issues, water/food security, world health issues, genocide, terrorism, religions of the world, climate change/global warming, human migrations, economic globalization.   Students will be required to keep abreast of current affairs and to be curious about them.  This is a project based course, and as such, students will complete a series of 3-week group and individual projects, culminating with a Citizen Action Project.