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Class Name: Genetics
Taught By: Chohla Moll
Description: Course Prerequisites: Successful completion of Chemistry  Graduation Requirements Met:  This semester long course is an elective that meets one of the 3 science credits required for graduation  Course Description:  This course will prepare students of the advanced study of genetics and molecular lab techniques.  The emphasis will be on current genetics techniques.  Students will learn DNA extraction, gene isolation and amplification through the PCR reaction.  Depending on the project they choose they will also learn cloning and other advanced molecular lab techniques.  We will use software programs to analyze our genetic findings.  New alleles will be added to the world gene bank.  Students will be doing original research.  Through our literature search we have found that very few people are studying microbiologic relationships of the muskegs of Southeastern Alaska.  Students will create and give presentations for both a science symposium and a science fair.  Students will also write a scientific paper to report their findings.