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English 4

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Class Name: English 4
Taught By: Marcia Drake
Course Prerequisites: Senior status or instructor approval
Graduation Requirements Met:  This one credit course is required for all seniors and meets one credit of English required for graduation. 

Course Description:  This course is designed to prepare students for the rigors of using the English Language after high school, whether it is in college or the world or work.  To that end, students will be required to apply principles of critical thinking to all their assignments in this course.  Students will participate in a SAT test prep unit at the beginning of the semester, culminating with writing a personal essay.  Students’ reading comprehension will also be strengthened through in depth studies of a variety of literature.  Several essays will teach students to refine their writing skills.  Finally, students will produce a final project at semester’s end that will highlight what has been learned in this course.