MEHS Classes

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A+ Computing Technology A+ Computing Josh Arnold 
ACC Algebra 1 Mathematics ACC Algebra 1 Tom Hart 
Alaska History Social Studies AK History Paul Fitzgibbon 
Alaska Issues Social Studies AK Issues Lena Aloysius 
Algebra 1 YL Mathematics Algebra 1 YL Archie Young 
Algebra 1 YL Mathematics Algebra 1 YL Tom Hart 
Algebra 1 YL Mathematics Algebra 1 YL Jack Davis 
Algebra 2 Mathematics Algebra 2 Matt Hunter 
Algebra 2 Mathematics Algebra 2 Jack Davis 
Animation Technology Animation Mark Nance 
Art Fine Arts Art Katie Mulligan 
Chemistry Science Chemistry Michael Mahoney 
Chinese 1 Liberal Arts Chinese 1 Yi Zhang 
Chinese 2 Liberal Arts Chinese 2 Yi Zhang 
Choir Liberal Arts Choir Stephen Courtright 
Choir Liberal Arts Choir Stephen Courtright 
Composition and Literature English Composition and Literature Hope Lynn 
Computer 1 Technology Computer 1 Josh Arnold 
Computer 2 Technology Computer 2 Jack Davis 
Computer Aided Drafting Technology Computer Aided Drafting Josh Arnold 
Construction Electives Construction Description Pat Hughes 
Content Reading English Content Reading Dianne Sullivan 
Creative Writing English Creative Writting Marcia Drake 
Digital Photography Technology Digital Photography Jack Davis 
Digital Yearbook Electives Digital Yearbook Rich Calkins 
Electronic Accounting Technology Electronic Accounting Greg Raschick 
Emergency Trauma Technician PE and Health Emergency Trauma Technician Bill Winslow 
English 1 YL English English 1 YL Marcia Drake 
English 1 YL English English 1 YL Hope Lynn 
English 1 YL English English 1 YL Christy Anderson 
English 2 English English 2 Hope Lynn 
English 2 English English 2 Kathleen McCrossin 
English 3 English English 3 Michael Hay 
English 4 English English 4 Marcia Drake 
ETT/EMT PE & Health ETT-EMT Greg Raschick 
Genetics Science Genetics Chohla Moll 
Geography Social Studies Geography Dionne Jackson 
Geometry Mathematics Geometry Matt Hunter 
Geometry Mathematics Geometry Archie Young 
Global Issues Social Studies Global Issues Lena Aloysius 
Government Social Studies Government Dionne Jackson 
Ground School Electives Ground School Description Matt Hunter 
Health & Wellness PE and Health Health & Wellness Rich Calkins 
Health & Wellness PE and Health Health & Wellness  Bill Winslow 
HSGQE Math Mathematics HSGQE Math Bill Winslow 
Individual Sports PE & Health individual sports Rich Calkins 
Integrated Science 1 Science Integrated Science 1 Michael Mahoney 
Integrated Science 1 Science Integrated Science 1 Jack Davis 
Integrated Science 2 Science Integrated Science 2 Chohla Moll 
Integrated Science 2 Science Integrated Science 2 Blu Jacoby 
Introduction to Calculus Mathematics Introduction to Calculus Tom Hart 
Japanese 1 Liberal Arts Japanese 1 Michael Kimber 
Japanese 2 Liberal Arts Japanese 2 Michael Kimber 
Japanese 3 & 4 Liberal Arts Japanese 3 & 4 Michael Kimber 
Journalism English Journalism Kathleen McCrossin 
Marine Biology Science Marine Biology Chohla Moll 
Music 1 Liberal Arts Music 1 Stephen Courtright 
Nonfiction Literature English Nonfiction Literature Michael Hay 
Pacific Rim Social Studies Pacific Rim Michael Hay 
Pacific Rim Social Studies Pacific Rim Yi Zhang 
Pep Band Liberal Arts Pep Band Stephen Courtright 
Physics Science Physics Matt Hunter 
Pre-Algebra YL Mathematics Pre-Algebra YL Tom Hart 
Robotics 1 Technology Robotics 1 Mark Nance 
Robotics 2 Technology Robotics 2 Mark Nance 
Science Fiction & Fantasy English Science Fiction & Fantasy Michael Kimber 
Senior Futures Electives Senior Futures Kathleen McCrossin 
Senior Futures Electives Senior Futures Katie Mulligan 
Senior Futures Electives Senior Futures Christy Anderson 
Small Business Managment Electives Small Business Management Bill Winslow 
Small Engine Repair Electives Small Engine Repair Gary Denherder 
Spanish 1 Liberal Arts Spanish 1 Dianne Sullivan 
Spanish 2 Liberal Arts Spanish 2 Dianne Sullivan 
Sport Specific Training PE & Health Sport Specific Training Archie Young 
Studio Art Fine Arts Studio Art Katie Mulligan 
Team Sports PE and Health Team Sports Rich Calkins 
Trigonometry Mathematics Trigonometry Tom Hart 
US History Social Studies US History Lena Aloysius 
US History Social Studies US History Paul Fitzgibbon 
Website Design Technology Website Design Mark Nance 
Weight Training PE and Health Weight Training Josh Arnold 
Weight Training PE and Health Weight Training Archie Young 
Weight Training PE and Health Weight Training Rich Calkins 
World History Social Studies World History Paul Fitzgibbon 
Yearbook Electives Yearbook Erika Drain 
Showing 85 items