MEHS Science Wins Big!

posted Apr 8, 2011, 10:23 AM by Mark Nance   [ updated Apr 8, 2011, 10:29 AM ]

Mt. Edgecumbe High School students win big at the

Alaska State Science and Engineering Fair!


Students from the Mt. Edgecumbe High School Molecular Ecology Course attended the Alaska State Science and Engineering Fair on March 18-20th.  The students that participated were Talia Ayunerak, Katie Riley, Richard Corbett, Kimberly Jessup, Deedre’ Deaton, Abigayle Fisher, Donald Handeland and Zoe Merculieff.  The students presented their projects using a poster presentation format and all projects made it into the semi-final round.  From there three projects went on to the final round.  Talia Ayunerak and Katie Riley tied for First Place in the Plant Science Category while the team of Deedre’ Deaton and Abigayle Fisher got First Place in the Microbiology Category.  Richard Corbett also won the Society of In Vitro Biology Award.  The Mt. Edgecumbe Science Team won the overall Outstanding School Projects Award and will get to house the Science Fair Trophy this year!  Mrs. Moll won the Most Outstanding Science Teacher Award for the High School Division as well.  We are all super proud of the students and all their hard work this year on their research!  Great job!


Listen to a radio interview about the event with the following link:


Pictured left to right: Talia Ayunerak, Kimberly Jessup, Donald Handeland, Zoe Merculieff, Richard Corbett, Katie Riley, Abigayle Fisher, Deedre’ Deaton, Kitty LaBounty and Chohla Moll (and baby Taan in the baby carrier)


Titles of Projects this year:


Talia Ayunerak - Taxonomic Examination of Cornus canadensis, C. suecica, and C. unalaschkensis Using Molecular Methods


Deedre’ Deaton and Abigayle Fisher - Microbial Communities Associated with the Rhizosphere of Healthy and Unhealthy Stands of Chamaecyparis nootkatensis


Kim Jessup - Investigating the presence of mycorrhizal fungi associated with Kalmia microphylla


Richard Corbett - Identification of Bacteria over a course of time along the Indian River Riparian Zone.


Donald Handeland and Zoe Merculieff – Comparison of Fungi and Bacteria Associated with the Rhizosphere and Roots of Vaccinium ovalifolium at Different Elevations


Katie Riley - Molecular Comparison of Vaccinium ovalifolium and Vaccinium alaskaense


Society for In-Vitro Biology Award

                Richard Corbett


Semi-Finals (all projects made it into Semi-Finals!)

                Donald Handeland and Zoe Merculieff (Team Project)

                Deedre’ Deaton and Abigayle Fisher (Team Project)

                Richard Corbett

                Talia Ayunerak

                Katie Riley

                Kimberly Jessup


Plant Science Category Award – Tied for First Place

                Talia Ayunerak

                Katie Riley


 Microbiology Category Award – First Place

                Deedre’ Deaton and Abigayle Fisher (Team Project)


Most Outstanding School Projects Award - Mt. Edgecumbe High School Science Team!


Most Outstanding Science Teacher Award – Chohla Moll