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Update from the Guidance Office:

We are entering the Fall Testing Season and I wanted to update everyone on what lies ahead in the next month or so.  Although the freshmen and a small number of seniors will test, the students most affected are the juniors. 

Listed below are the dates and a brief description of the tests being administered;

ASVAB – September 20, Juniors

                The ASVAB is part of the MEHS Career Guidance program.  The scores are reviewed with students and          often add insight for students as they prepare for their senior year and transition from high school.

HSGQE Retests – October 2-4, Juniors and Seniors

                Any junior or Senior who has not passed the Reading, Writing or Math sections of the HSGQE will   retest during these days.  The Reading test is on Tues, 10/02, Writing on Wed, 10/03 and the Math is on Thurs, 10/04.

EXPLORE – October 9, Freshmen

                As part of the comprehensive testing program being implemented this year, all freshmen will take the          EXPLORE test.  This is a test developed by the same company that provides the ACT college entrance      exam and the WorkKeys test used by the state.  The EXPLORE provides an opportunity for 9th graders to    begin thinking about career planning and post high school options as well as introduces them to tests like the ACT and SAT which they will take during their junior and senior years.

PSAT – October 17, Juniors

                This year each junior will take the Preliminary SAT as part of our comprehensive testing    program.  This       test is developed by the company that provides the SAT college entrance exam.  Students who perform            well on this test could win scholarships from the National Merit Scholarship Organization and its            affiliates.  An additional benefit is that students gain valuable experience taking college entrance tests.       These scores are used for college admissions as well as qualifying for many scholarships including the                 Alaska Performance Scholarship.

WorkKeys – November 7, Juniors and Seniors

                The WorkKeys is a mandated test for juniors as part of Alaska’s College Ready/Career Ready            initiative.   The scores may be used to qualify for the Alaska Performance Scholarship by        students                 pursuing vocational training after high school.  WorkKeys scores are also being used by a growing         number of companies in Alaska as part of their employment process.  NOTE: Any seniors interested in         retaking the WorkKeys to improve their scores should see Mrs. Clayton.    

Please feel free to contact the Guidance Office with your questions.  (907-966-3210)