ETT 2010 by Chelsea Campbell

posted Jan 20, 2011, 9:24 AM by

There are only seven students in this year’s ETT class; Reanna Moses, Sonya Edwards, Chelsey Olesiuk, Mary Katelnikoff, Letia Stermer, Chelsea Campbell, and Kittipath Prasartkaew (Guy). The class goes through various skills to prove that we are learning.

These skills include: CPR, how to deliver a baby, AMSEA, how to splint an injury, how to recognize and treat different medical and trauma emergencies, patient assessment, how to treat broken bones, monitoring vital signs, treating neck and back injuries, airway management, shock treatment, traction splinting, delivering oxygen, EMS laws, bleeding and how to run an accident scene. These are just some of the proficiencies we learned, and overall we had a lot of fun!

Mary Katelnikoff, Chelsey Olesiuk, Chelsea Campbell, Reanna Moses, and Guy.

Mary Katelnikoff, got treated for an impaled object