Major infractions with Discipline Points and Consequences

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Major Infraction Discipline Pts. Consequences
Bring onto campus, and/or possession of dangerous weapon(s) 30 Dismissal; Referral to police
Threatening to kill or doing badily harm to another person 30 Dismissal; Referral to police
Self-Harm   TBD- by Residantial and Academic Prinipal
Shoplifting 10 Possible suspension up to 10 days; referral to police; 5 days restriction
Theft under $75.00 10 5 days restriction; Referral to police
Theft over $75.00 10 10 days automatic suspension; Referral to police
Off campus overnight without permission 10 Automatic 10 day suspension
Cheating 3-10 No credit for assignment up to no credit (NC) for class
Minor Consuming or Possession of illegal substances/paraphenalia 10 1st offense-referral to police; chemical assessment; mandatory counseling; 5 days restriction
Minor Consuming or Possession of illegal substances/paraphernalia 10 2nd offense-referral to police; recommendation for suspension or dismissal
Being in private vehicles homes, or college housing 10 3-5 days restriction
Caught in sexually compromising circumstances 10 5 days restriction up to 10 days suspension; mandatory counseling (if under the age of consent or age difference then referral ot OCS)
Harassing or endangering other students (definition of harassment, see botom of this page) 5-10 referral to police; 5 days restriction of 5-10 days susension
Being in room of the opposite gender or allowing opposite gender into room 5-10 5 days restriction; possible suspension up to 10 days; mandatory counseling
Fighting with another student 5-10 referral to police; 5 days restriction or 5-10 days suspension
Failure to comply with discipline or counseling stipulations 5-10 Possible suspention up to 10 days
Possession of fireworks or hazardous materials 5-10 5 days restriction possible 10 days suspension
Smoking in dorms 5-10 5 days restriction
Destroying or damaging property 3-10 Possible referral to police; restitution for damages; 3-5 days restriction; possible suspension up to 10 days
OTC (Over the Counter) Drug/Substance Abuse 5 5 days restriction; mandatory counseling
Skipping school 5 1st offense - Saturday schools; 2nd offense - 2 SS's, 3rd 5 days suspension
Unauthorized extended leave (30+min) beyond town leave or curfew times 3-10 5 days restriction
leaving campus without permission (AWOL) outside of town leave 3-5

3-5 days restriction

Using inappropriate language directed at staff or students 3-5 3-5 days restriction
Defying staff 3-5 3-5 days restriction
Inappropriate gestures or behavior 3-5 3-5 days restriction
Being in restricted area 1-5 3-5 days restriction
Violation of Technology Use Agreement 1-10 Lose technology privileges (2 weeks); Possible confiscation of property
Body piercing/tattos done on compus 3-10 3-5 days restriction
Inappropriate dress, i.e. see-through/low cut shorts/shirts, clothes advertising illegal items (alcohol, drugs, sex, ect.) 1-5 1-5 days restriction
Breaking restriction 1-5 1-5 days restriction

*Definition of Harassment: Harassment means intimidation by threats of or actual physical violence; the creation by whatever means of a climate of hostility or intimidation; or the use of language, conduct, or symbols in such a manner as to convey hatred, contempt, or prejudice or to have the effect of insulting or stigmatizing an individual. Harassment includes, but is not limited to, harassment on the basis of race, sex, color, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, marital status, pregnancy, parenthood, or disability.

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