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Students who violate the MEHS Code of Conduct will be disciplined consistently depending on the severity of the infraction.  At the same time, MEHS believes in promoting student success.  Therefore, the school has instituted a progressive discipline plan that consists of a point system that includes intervention meetings and regular communication with parents/guardians that promote students’ successful adjustment to boarding school life.  The proactive intervention steps are as follows:

Intervention #1

When a student accumulates 10 discipline points, he/she is required to meet with the Home School Coordinator.  The purpose of this meeting is to notify the student that he/she is in jeopardy of suspension or other serious disciplinary action.   Depending on the severity of the discipline infractions(s), a student could be suspended at this point or earlier.  The Home School Coordinator will call the parent and refer student to counselor.

Intervention #2

When a student accumulates 20 discipline points, the student is required to appear before the residential and/or academic principals for a disciplinary hearing that may result in suspension depending on the seriousness of the action. The student’s parent/guardian will be involved in the disciplinary hearing.  Once again, staff will work with the student and parents to develop a plan of action that promotes the students’ successful adjustment to school life.

Intervention #3

When a student accumulates 30 discipline points, the student appears before the Residential and Academic Principals and may be indefinitely suspended from school.

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