MEHS Code of Conduct:

The standard of behavior expected for MEHS students

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All families, organizations, and communities establish codes of conduct to guide members to act in appropriate ways.  At MEHS, all students and staff are expected to


1.  demonstrate respect for all persons and property. Forbidden are such behaviors as harassment, vandalism, theft and inappropriate public displays of affection.  Dishonesty to staff and other students will not be tolerated at MEHS.

2.       abide by school rules designed to promote personal and community health and safety.  These rules are as follows:

a) Students may not have matches or cigarette lighters in the dormitories; burn incense, candles, cigarettes or any other combustible materials; or have small electrical appliances such as popcorn poppers or coffee makers.  Fire safety is life safety.

b) Students cannot bring onto campus, provide to others, or otherwise have in their possession, any weapons.  Weapons are defined as “any instrument or object possessed or used to inflict harm on another person, or to intimidate any other person.”  Examples include firearms of any kind (fake, operable or inoperable, loaded or unloaded); all types of knives, chains, pipes, razor blades or similar instruments with sharp cutting edges; ice picks, dirks, other nunchakus; brass knuckles; Chinese stars; billy clubs; tear gas, guns; electrical weapons or devices (stun guns); BB or pellet guns; and explosives or propellants.

c) Students must keep MEHS staff informed of their physical whereabouts on campus at all times by properly using dormitory check-out procedures.

d) Students may only be checked out by persons 25 years of age or older, by persons of same gender, and only with written permission from the students’ parents/guardians and/or verbal approval of the Residential Principal or the designated representative. Refer to check out procedure on page 24 for further clarification.

e) Students will remain within campus boundaries at all times unless they are participating in an official school activity with school personnel or have permission from appropriate MEHS staff to be off campus.  For their personal safety, students are not allowed in the following areas unless accompanied by a parent or a staff member, or unless they have written staff permission to be there:

·         private homes

·         UAS housing

·         private vehicles

·         airport, including causeway

·         SEARHC hospital/grounds

·         Sheldon Jackson College dorms/housing

·         all boats & harbors

·         U.S. Coast Guard base

·         John Brown’s beach

·         bars or liquor stores

·         fire escapes, unless an alarm has sounded

·         hotels/motels (except for attached restaurants and stores within the hotel/motel)

·         behind the dorms


f) No student can enter the room of another student without permission. Students may never enter the room of a student of the opposite gender without staff permission and must observe posted gender visiting hours in dormitory lounges.

g) Student access to learning technologies (Internet, e-mail, etc.) provided at MEHS is a privilege not a right.  Failure to follow the MEHS Technology Code of Responsibility and/or Internet Ethical Code as outlined in the licensing agreement will result in user privileges being restricted or taken away.

h)  Students who have medical issues or need a medical appointment should go through the school nurse’s office.  Only the nurse or his/her designee can place a student in sickbay.  Refer to sickbay rules and medication procedures on page 29.

3. obey all local, state, and national laws. Examples of violations of this requirement include shoplifting and the possession and/or use of tobacco, alcohol, or other controlled substances.  Violations of local, state and federal law by students will be reported to legal authorities as well as to parents.  A student who violates the law will be subject to school disciplinary procedures as well, including the possibility of suspension or expulsion.