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Student Council Survey Results

1. Why?

Response Text

1 It gives people choice

2 It would look good for collage

3 brings people to higher levels

4 More science or math

5 would give me the chance to stay with math or science or social studies..

6 Options and you can take more classes you want.

7 Forcing students to take more challenging classes in these subjects will benefit the students in the future.

8 If the last credit had to go to a science, math, or social study, then yes. This will allow students to further there education in the department they feel they're strongest in.

9 Its more of a equal choice to each student.

10 I think it would be good to have a credit where students can chose to pursue either a social studies, math or science to a higher level.

11 ..i just said. but i think that english should be added on the list of class options to advance in.

12 I think students should have a choice of picking where they would like to exceed in school.

13 I think that we should pick the last credit because we should pick a class we want to pertain more knowledge in for our future careers.

14 because it will allow student to get a head start by preparing them for their future career


1. Why Not?

Response Text

1 Colleges can teach things beyond social studies here. If that was to change, college would have high school course for other states.

2 I think that the way that the requirements are set up are exceptional. I think that the social studies department has the best teachers that prepare us the most for college.

3 because it seems if you give the lee way for students to change the requirements then they would take the easy way out

4 Because that would make it seem like Mt. Edgecumbe is lowering its expectations in its students. Even though its just taking one required social studies class.

5 Social studies classes that we have at MEHS assist students tremendously as their education evolves during college. This includes the Pacific Rim class. I don't think that replacing essential social classes that truly do teach students usable information that is relevant to their lives. I believe a student wishing to go into a different field will take higher level classes in that area without being forced.

6 No, because the students who choose to take their classes each have their own reason. If someone needs more time to learn, then they'll take the required classes at their own pace. For some students, the requirements have enough rigor as it is. And for the students that think it's too easy can take advantage of the college courses MEHS and UAS offer to get their fair share of rigor.


1. Any comments?

Response Text

1 I am neutral on changing it to this b

2 I would like to see this happen, but I also like the way things are now.


1. Why?

Response Text

1 Its one less class

2 It would be fair.

3 Taking this class makes students aware of the economy around the Pac Rim. I think that it should be a required class.

4 Pac Rim has the most significance to what's happening in the world today. It really has opened my eyes to globalization and make me think globally instead of being wrapped up in my High School life. I think that Pac Rim is the most beneficial class I have taken. Mr. Hay is a great teacher and it is the class where analyzing is important.

5 because PacRim has a lot of information that is valuable after you graduate

6 i didnt take the class

7 I have heard students say Pac Rim is hard. I would like to keep Pac Rim in the rigorous system

8 I think people can find another class that would benefit them as much as Pacific Rim. Although, I think there should be a few to choose from selected by the administration.

9 Because i just took pac rim last semest and it was a VERY help ful glass to understand the status of the rest of the world. and i friend of mine that graduated last year said it really helped her in one of her collage classes. and i think geography should be taken out because i didnt learn anything. all the freshmen do in geography is copy and paste info onto a powerpoint and present it to the whole class.

10 Because I believe that if you take away that PacRim as a required class, some students without the motivation to challenge themselves and take that class wouldn't. Also when I took this class I learned a lot about something other than Alaska and the United states. Before taking this class I had no idea what other cultures were like, I didn't know anything about the outside world. I believe that PacRim should stay a required class because it really helped me learn more about the world.

11 As I have already stated, I know for a fact from communication with alumni that the Pac Rim class helps them in future studies. Alaska does have a strong tie to that area in the world, as many of the ethnic groups are related. The Pac Rim class is relevant to students at MEHS. No other social studies covers an area so close to home.


1. Why Not?

Response Text

1 students could take a alternative class

2 so what i have hear pacific rim is not a really hard class

3 I took Pac Rim with Dr. Le. He did not teach me anything. We watched the Beijing olympics for two weeks.

4 To me, Pac Rim is not that difficult of a class so making it an option would not reduce the academic rigor (as long as you have to take another rigorous class.


1. Any comments?

Response Text

1 I do not understand the point in Pac Rim but I believe there is a reason.

2 stay as junior?

3 Pac Rim is a great class that students should take. Very informational, but I think that some students fall into different strengths and would achieve more and future if they could use that credit in math or science.



1. Why?

Response Text

1 I have enough classes as other which is just as challenging as others.

2 I think the requirements should be more challenging.

3 Honestly, If there weren't any requirements. I would only be taking the classes that interested me at the time being. I probably would opt out of the Math classes also, instead of being as well-rounded as I am today.

4 because once you hit high school you dont know what you want, thats why high schools have required classes so that you are prepared for after graduation.

5 I am more comfortable taking classes recomended

6 If people get to choose their say in the requirements, then I think some people would get lazy and choose not to do it. It wouldn't be fair for the other kids who are working their hardest for the others to slack off.


1. Why?

Response Text

1 Students take different paths

2 There are to kindas of students, thoses who want to be the best and thoses who want to hurry threw high school. I think student that want to work hard should be in the classes that work them hard compared to the kids who want to goof off

3 everyone is going in different directions in life

4 I would like to choose what I wanted

5 It's my life.

6 because not all of us have to take the classes required.

 7 I would rather have a say because it's my life and my future. If I feel as though I should be studying something else because of a career choice I should be able to future my education in that path.

8 Having options in classes help develop student interests which allow students to figure out possible career options.

9 More of a free choice

10 it would make me feel more in control of my education

11 No other person knows what you want out of your education and when you want to learn something. I think setting your own schedules empowers you to choose what your education entails.

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