Graduation Requirements

In order to graduate from MEHS a student must earn 24 units of credit; meet  the minimum state graduation requirements set out in 4 AAC 06.075 (including, beginning January 1, 2009, meeting an Alaska History requirement); and pass the High School Graduation Qualifying Examination.

The 24 total required credits for graduation from MEHS include:


4 credits - English

4 credits - Social Studies

3 credits - Science

3 credits - Math

2 credits – Computer Technology

2 credits – Wellness (includes Health/PE)

1 credit - Pacific Rim Studies

1 credit – World Language

4 credits – Electives

Graduation Requirements for Transfer Students

Students entering MEHS as:

Sophomores are required to earn 23 credits for graduation.

Juniors are required to earn 22 credits for graduation.

Seniors are required to earn 21 credits for graduation.


Transcript evaluations of transfer credits will be at the discretion of the academic principal.


Credits earned at schools other than MEHS will be counted as credit towards graduation from MEHS at the discretion of the Academic Principal.


Definition of Unit of Credit

The term “unit of credit” shall have the definition given in 4 AAC 06.075(e), i.e. the credit that a student is awarded for achieving a passing grade in a course of study by meeting the performance standards for a course of study prescribed by MEHS and approved by the State Board under policy 5.2 of this manual.